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Frederik Prinz

More Theme Hotels

22.5 x 29.5 cm
272 pages
560 pictures
ISBN 978-3-03768-009-4

€ 49,90  Out of print
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Theme hotels are architectural expressions of individuality and a unique sense of style. Making them unmistakable and distinguished is an exciting field of experimentation for architects and designers. Imaginative buildings and one-of-a kind interiors combine into works of art that charm, impress and pamper guests. With their unique styles and unusual ambiances, the hotels introduced in this book cater to the wishes of their guests, promising modern-day nomads an unforgettable stay. More Theme Hotels takes readers to all corners of the globe in the categories Historical Ties, Mountain Pastime, Designed Spaces, Luxury Residences, Wellness Islands, Urban Hideouts and Countryside Hotels.  Whether an icy abode, an opulent suite, a quiet resort, an exclusive villa, or a trendy place to stay, each hotel is a design masterpiece, offering everything its guests desire.

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