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Chris van Uffelen

Pallets 3.0. Remodeled, Reused, Recycled

Architecture + Design
27 x 18 cm
304 pages
526 pictures
ISBN 978-3-03768-211-1

€ 44,90
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  • The Reading Nest in Cleveland, USA (Mark Reigelmann)
  • Infiniski Manifesto House in Curacaví, Chile (James & Mau)
  • Pallethouse in Vienna, Austria (SchnetzerPils)
  • Industry Beans in Melbourne, Australia (Figureground Architecture)
  • Fiesta Del Vino Wine Bar in Poznan, Poland (mode:lina architekci)

In Tokyo today, in Barcelona or San Francisco tomorrow: pallets are the universal symbol of globalization and internationalism. Their design is simple, their material sturdy and their utilization functional – characteristics that inspire architects and designers to remodel, reuse and recycle them in ever more ingenious ways. 

This volume presents numerous projects from around the world to demonstrate the limitless possibilities of engaging creatively with pallets: Used for buildings they undergo spectacular architectural transformations, while in art they are reinterpreted in surprising ways and cleverly deconstructed when utilized as a feature of interior design. 

All of the creations have in common an aura of uncomplicated modernity that expresses itself in a stylishly unconventional esthetic. There is no doubt that pallet constructions are a fascinating and sustainable accompaniment to our times.


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