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Markus Sebastian Braun (Ed.)

Traces of Terror

Sites of Nazi Tyranny in Berlin
German, English

27 x 27 cm
108 pages
135 duotone pictures
ISBN 978-935455-10-7

€ 16,80  Out of print
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"The separate German path, due to Hitler and his consequences, is making up the question of a national memory in Germany just as unedifying as necessary.”
(Aleida Assmann)


Spuren des Terrors ("Traces of Terror") attempts to confront the “destruction of the past” (Eric Hobsbawn) by looking back at the years of the terror of the Nazi regime. This effort importantly examines the German society’s ambivalent interpretation of its historical legacy. Altogether this volume assembles round about 35 places of national socialist terror. Not only is the topography of executive violence encompassed here. Also revisited are the spaces of the legislative, the so-called ‘paper pusher’ apparatus, so characteristic of the Nazi regime. Last but not least, the "science" institutions that were essential for the terror are also revisited. 

The individual locations are reminded by archival illustrations, confronted with photographs from today taken at the same place resp. out of the same perspective. This synopsis of a space of 50 years makes two things possible: It awakens the memory and sensitizes the approach to the past.

Scientific contributions of Wolfgang Benz et al. give thought-provoking impulses and reconsider relevant questions from today’s research. Characteristic direct quotes from speeches, party resolutions, excerpts from propaganda notes, orders of the SS/police etc. as well as a brief editorial text inform about the history and prominence of the particular city topography.

With a foreword by Paul Spiegel.


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