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Chris van Uffelen

Hortus Conclusus

Gardens for Private Homes
24 x 28 cm
224 pages
410 pictures
ISBN 978-3-03768-269-2

€ 34,00
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The desire for gardens is stronger than ever. An own garden as a private oasis of well-being, a place of physical and mental repose, can be so much more than a mere combination of lawn and flowerbed, path, and hedge. The projects from different climatic zones by professional landscape and garden architects presented in this volume range from a greened backyard of 48 square meters to a park-like ground of 360,000 square meters.

As outdoor extension of the living space, they offer comfort and elegance coupled with functionality. The selection shows which elements, components and structures, composed and conceived with care and sophistication, constitute stylish garden creations that are expressive design statements.

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