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Chris van Uffelen

The Beauty of Space

Living in Minimal Style
24 x 28 cm
192 pages
410 pictures
ISBN 978-3-03768-204-3

€ 39,90
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  • House in Szezecin in Szezecin, Poland (Oporski Architektura)
  • Ephemeral House in Kyoto, Japan (NAAD)
  • V Lodge in Ål, Norway (Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter)
  • Ben Ami House in Ramat Gan, Israel (Shilo Benaroya Architects)
  • Blumenthal House in Berlin, Germany (wiewiorra hopp schwark architekten)

The esthetic aim of minimalism is to achieve a compelling functional and design outcome by focusing on what is essential and at the core of things. The longing for clarity has been a perpetually recurring topic of art and design history. Beauty ideals were influenced on and off by this approach for centuries. 

Today especially, the design concept of “less is more” is seen applied to the handling of space and light, rhythm and texture, shape and color. This volume presents residences from around the world in which this principle holds true. These minimalist designs focus on the essence of living, of purely being, while placing the residents at the center of the creative process.

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