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Best of Store Design
12.5 x 18.5 cm
400 pages
341 pictures
ISBN 978-3-03768-024-7

€ 19,90
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Shopping is an event which implies much more than just the act of purchasing. Unusual design concepts and immaculate shapes engage all of our senses, making shopping a unique experience. Innovative interior design at the point of sale seduces customers and makes shopping a sensuous experience. Quality architecture has become an indispensible part of successful sales strategies. When renowned architects and aspiring designers devote their talents to putting goods on show, the customer becomes both shopping victim and king.

Shop! presents his kingdom . It takes the reader on a shopping spree through 48 of the worlds hottest stores, in locations as diverse as New York, Paris, Tokyo and Buenos Aires, providing a window on the current state of contemporary retail design. Whether for a hip designer store or a high-class boutique, every design is tailored to its clientele, and invites the customer to partake in the zeitgeist of consumption.

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