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Chris van Uffelen

Rough Past meets New Design

24 x 28 cm
304 pages
557 pictures
ISBN 978-3-03768-220-3

€ 49,90
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  • Doehler in New York City, NY, USA (Sabo Project)
  • Rough Luxe Hotel in London, UK (Rabih Hage)
  • Painting Studio in Nagoya, Japan (G Architects Studio)
  • Loft Kreuzberg in Berlin, Germany (Meylenstein)
  • Patisserie III in Madrid, Spain (Ideo Arquitectura)
Buildings and rooms bearing traces of the past that are integrated into new concepts are arousing enthusiasm both within and beyond the design scene. This volume explores the functional and artistic possibilities emerging from revitalization that respects the inherited, often shabby and dilapidated building structures and its fabric.
Whether through striking contrast with the new creation or reinterpretation of the existing architecture – or indeed both together – all featured projects are defined by their respectful and thoughtful stance towards the sites they occupy and establish an enthralling relationship between the old and the new.

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