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Chris van Uffelen

Lifestyles Today

Interior Design Around the World
24 x 31.5 cm
304 pages
450 pictures
ISBN 978-3-03768-274-6

€ 44,00
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Who wants to live how? A wide variety of life patterns and life concepts is reflected in the way individuals design their homes. Whether interiors of apartments, bungalows, villas, townhouses and lofts, whether for singles or couples, for small or big families, or any other form of cohabitation – there is a suitable living space for every identity

Architects and interior designers need to engage accordingly with the individual character of their clients; it is their job to understand how their clients want to live and to translate this into their spatial concepts. This book celebrates life in all its diversity through creatively designed living spaces. With carefully selected interiors from around the world, this volume is also a cultural history of contemporary lifestyle.

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