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Michelle Galindo

Japanese Interior Design - Softcover Edition

English, French
24 x 31,5 cm
208 pages
300 pictures
ISBN 978-3-03768-119-0

€ 24,90
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  • Meguro Office in Tokyo (nendo)
  • Hotel Ginzan Onsen Fujiya in Yamagata (Kengo Kuma)
  • Wrap House in Hiroshima (futurestudio)
  • Uniqlo Megastore in Tokyo (Curiosity)
  • Tama Art University Library in Toyko (Toyo Ito)

Japanese interior design is marked by contradictions. Simple color schemes belie complex and playful concepts, hyper-modern spaces are created using only traditional materials, and the relationship between nature and human architecture is sometimes tense, sometimes harmonious. Some aspects do remain constant: stylish minimalism rules, the color palette tend to be warm and light, and the designers always seem to invent extraordinary solutions to ordinary challenges.

This volume, now as softcover edition, presents Japan's most exciting contemporary interior design projects, with a range of areas that includes hotels, offices, shops, bars, restaurants, and private homes. From world-renowned designers to up-and-coming young talents, the land of the Rising Sun proves to be a land of endless inspiration and creativity.

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