The Program

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Sibylle Kramer

Bars, Clubs & Lounges

Hardcover with dust jacket
24 x 28 cm
248 pages
450 pictures
ISBN 978-3-03768-176-3

€ 44,90
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Exclusive cocktails at a bar, excessive partying at a club, or relaxed chilling at a lounge – people need to occasionally escape from their every day life. Every location offers its own formula for a unique atmosphere and the special ambiance it wishes to create. 

Apart from the drinks, the music and the people, comprehensive architectural and design visions are crucial for delving into another world. Nowhere else can a designed space have such strong effect and impact. 

Whether high-end or low budget, the staging of a lifestyle culture depends on the skilled and creative interaction of lighting and space, form and furnishing. This volume takes you on a tour of very unique bars, clubs and lounges that all share a compelling conceptual approach that is consistently applied.

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