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Michelle Galindo

Luxurious Design for Dogs

German, English
Hardcover with dust jacket
21 x 28.5 cm
176 pages
221 colored pictures
ISBN 78-3-03768-137-4

€ 39,90
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"In a perfect world every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog." (Anonymous)

What brings a dog happiness? Plentiful walks, healthy food and, of course, human love and affection. Luxurious Design for Dogs is perfect for dog owners who want to treat their best friend to something very special.

Whether a glamourous cushion for a pampered Chihuahua, casual eco-fashion in recycled cashmere for a cheeky Boxer or a luxury collar by a fashion icon such as Louis Vuitton - designers from around the world are creating fabulous luxury products for your four-legged friend. This volume presents exquisite accessories created with love and is an ideal source of inspiration for all who love their dog as much as they value high-quality design.

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