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Manuela Roth

Mediterranean Living

Stylish and Elegant or Close to Nature
Hardcover with dust jacket
23,5 x 33,5 cm
216 pages
583 pictures
ISBN 978-3-03768-197-8

€ 44,00  Out of print
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House of the Infinite in Cadiz, Spain (Alberto Campo Baeza)
Fobe House in Tassoulante, Morocco (Guilhem Eustache)
House U in Dubrovnik, Croatia (Studio 3LHD)
Bodrum Residence in Bodrum, Turkey (Emre Arolat Architects)
House Olivi in Treia, Italiy (Wespi de Meuron Romeo architects)

The Mediterranean lifestyle is as multifaceted as the cultures that have evolved around the Mediterranean Sea. It has absorbed African, Arab and European influences and incorporates the various local architectural styles. A common element of Mediterranean design is living in harmony with nature – the climatic conditions in particular have always affected the residential culture around the world’s largest inland sea.

Light and breezy layouts, cooling materials, and shade providing constructions are complemented by terraces, patios and gardens. Mediterranean Living shows rural dream residences made of natural rock as well as airy apartments at the heart of metropolises and ultra-modern villas. It takes us on a journey from Spain via Greece all the way to Morocco and Israel.

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