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Chris van Uffelen

Young Visionaries

The New Generation of Architects
23,5 x 23,5
320 pages
655 pictures
ISBN 978-3-03768-233-3

€ 39,90
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World affairs are hardly predictable – but what about our constructed world?

Between utopia and reality, experiment and experience, a new generation of gifted architects is designing our built environment in the face of the challenges of our time – sustainability, social justice, and cultural diversity.

Young Visionaries. The New Generation of Architects presents 51 outstanding protagonists of all schools and styles who could determine the architectural scene of tomorrow – and most certainly will do so. Short portraits and the design principles of each architect are complemented by presentations of showcase projects and principal individual works, whether already implemented or visionary on paper. With an innovative spirit, personal style and modern technology these visionaries have already caught the attention of the professional world and opened the eyes of the general public for what the future has in store, already securing their spot in the top league of the architecture sector.

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