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Chris van Uffelen

Working in Style

Architecture + Interiors
Hardcover with dust jacket
24 x 28 cm
456 pages
700 pictures
ISBN 978-3-03768-203-6

€ 68,00  Out of print
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  • Analogfolk in London, United Kingdom (Design Haus Liberty)
  • Red Rock HQ Sydney, Australia (Rolf Ockert. Architect)
  • Optimedia in Moscow, Russia (Nefa Architects)
  • Bosco in Tokyo, Japan (Makoto Yamaguchi Design)
  • Zalando Berlin, Germany (de Winder Architekten)

The concept of the office is far more diverse than it used to be; gone are the days of factory floor-style expanses and monotonous cell-like structures. Now offices function as both a company’s individual calling card and an inspiring work environment. Office architecture has flourished into a complex discipline that is continually developing new problem-solving approaches that put the distinctive needs of individual employees front and centre and, in doing so, foster communication, motivation and achievement.

This volume presents over 100 projects from around the globe, incorporating local and firm specific examples of office architecture and putting the newest insights of research into the workplace to the test: from the creatively designed workspace of the start-up, via the multifunctional office separated into flexible zones and devoid of fixed work places, to elaborately furnished and prestigious offices. Each of these office worlds is also a habitat, a source of unique fascination and inspiration. 

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