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Lisa Baker

Tiny Living Spaces

Innovative Design Solutions
23,5 x 23,5 cm cm
224 pages
440 pictures
ISBN 978-3-03768-283-8

€ 44,00
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All over the world, housing units with miniature formats are en vogue. The trend towards the Tiny House and other micro-living concepts is more than just a short-term hype. The limited available floor space promotes a focus on the necessary, at the same
time constituting an attitude towards life, a contemplation and concentration on the essentials in a universal sense. This volume presents a wide variety of sophisticated approaches from every continent. The multitudes of architectural styles, interior design and construction methods show how space can be used most efficiently through intelligent floor plans, cleverly conceived storage solutions and nesting of functions. They highlight in very different ways that great living quality can be wonderfully created in small spaces

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