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Per von Groote

Theme Hotels

Hardcover with dust jacket
22.5 x 29.5 cm
334 pages
615 pictures
ISBN 978-3-938780-24-4

€ 49,90  Out of print
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Travel has become an integral part of modern life and the geographic setting in which travelers find themselves is constantly changing. To be far from home is at once an adventure and a necessary thing, and as such the expectations placed in the hostelries where travelers spend much of their time rise. Neither their otherness nor their individuality should be a barrier to travelers feeling at home in the foreign environment. The establishments presented here measure up to these expectations in their own unique ways. The conceptualization and location of the hotels and the visions of developers or architects have resulted in places of character that reject ordinariness without sacrificing comfort and a sense of well being on the part of the guest. In this way the hotel becomes the pioneer in the evolution of modern residential experiences. Following the formula Countryside Hotels, Designed Spaces, Historical Ties, Luxury Residences, Mountain Pastime, Urban Hideouts and Wellness Islands, this volume presents more than fifty luxury hotels, all of them remarkable examples of architecture and design. Detailed blueprint material and large photographs serve as dual invitations to readers to undertake a trip of their own to a foreign land.

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