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Sibylle Kramer

The Box - Architectural Solutions with Containers

Hardcover with dust jacket
28 x 23.5 cm
192 pages
308 pictures
ISBN 978-3-03768-173-2

€ 49,90  Out of print
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  • Platoon Kunsthalle in Seoul, South Korea (GRAFT)
  • Barneveld Noord Station, The Netherlands (NL Architects)
  • Puma City Store, anywhere (LOT-EK)
  • Infiniski Manifesto House in Curacaví, Chile (James & Mau)
  • Cité À'Docks in Le Havre, France (Alberto Cattani et Charlotte Cattani architectes)

Shipping containers are the most conspicuous symbol of the globalized world economy: 20 or 40 feet of pure steel reduced to the essentials. Their qualities make them increasingly popu¬lar among architects around the world. As robust, inexpensive and universally available standardized modules, they fill the smallest building plots, house temporary cultural institutions, or serve as individual modules for complex building structures. 

The “boxes” can be stacked, cut open, and linked, integrated into existing architecture, or incorporated into the interior design. This results in sophisticated design concepts and well-thought-out functional solutions. The projects selected for this volume reflect the great variety of the still young container architecture sector and show the enormous creative potential inherent in this universal construction element.

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