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Chris van Uffelen

The Book of Drawings + Sketches: Architecture

28 x 23.5 cm
368 pages
700 colored pictures
ISBN 978-3-03768-150-3

€ 39,90
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With their power of visualization, architectural drawings and sketches are unmatched in their capacity to anticipate the esthetic appearance of a building after its completion. The hand-drawn vision highlights the main features and characteristics of a building, which is overshadowed by the seemingly perfectly realistic approach of a rendering. Despite the nearly unending possibilities of computer-based methods, drawings and sketches remain the most intuitive expression method of architects. 

The volume combines the most diverse drawing and painting methods, juxtaposing implemented sketches with selected photos of the final result, allowing readers to comprehend the connection between the intention and outcome themselves. After the success of the publication Architectural Visions, which focused on the German-speaking realm, this successor volume is dedicated on the individual handwriting of the most important and influential architects of our time. 

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