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Sibylle Kramer

Studios & Workshops

Spaces for Creatives
Hardcover with dust jacket
22,5 x 29,5 cm
272 pages
536 pictures
ISBN 978-3-03768-181-7

€ 49,90  Out of print
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  • Giant Pixel in San Francisco, CA, USA (Studio O+A)
  • Studio R in Saõ Paulo, Brazil (studio mk27)
  • Pixiv Office in Tokyo, Japan (Teamlab)
  • Jung von Matt Headquarters in Hamburg, Germany (Stephen Williams Associates)
  • Studio in the Woods in Madrid, Spain (selgascano)

Creative professions need creatively designed work environments that inspire. A special feature of such spaces is their dual nature, namely the connection of practical and intellectual work. Depending on the field of work, either one of these aspects can be more prominent, yet the aim is always the realization of a creative potential in optimal results. 

The design concepts selected for this volume are as varied as their users. The projects include advertising agencies, fashion and photography studios, web designers, and of course, architectural firms. These creative spaces can be opulent, playful, ascetic, fancy, colorful, orderly, elegant, amorphous, or something else entirely.

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