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Chris van Uffelen

Stay Overnight

Hospitality Design in Repurposed Spaces
24 x 28
320 pages
520 pictures
ISBN 978-3-03768-244-9

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Adaptive reuse of existing buildings is gaining ground also in the hotel industry. The careful and respectful handling of the building fabric is as important in this process as the creative extension of the existing structures. Converting old structures for new purposes is a great way to offer an authentic experience for guests, while also conserving land, reducing urban sprawl and preserving the originality of historic buildings.

The featured architects show different possibilities how stations, warehouses, churches and offices can be converted into hotels. Whether through striking contrast with the new creation or reinterpretation of the existing architecture – or indeed both together – all featured projects are defined by their respectful and thoughtful stance towards the sites they occupy and establish an enthralling relationship between the old and the new.

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