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Sibylle Kramer

Stack, Cut, Assemble ISO 668

How to use shipping containers in architecture
29,5 x 19,5
192 pages
320 pictures
ISBN 978-3-03768-231-9

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A key symbol of globalization, containers have connected the globe for many decades. Now the networking is entering its second round: Architecturally redesigned containers are present in our direct living environments as an expression of a contemporary lifestyle – independent, flexible, and unconventional.

This volume presents the latest container projects from around the world and shows how originally mass-produced items can be turned into exceptional one-of-a-kind objects. As bars, exhibition spaces, or pop-up stores they are present in the urban context as a platform for communication and consumption, while expanded container modules serve as interestingly understated homes, and individual box elements offer creative work environments. The phrase "to think outside the box" is thus given an architectural identity.

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