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Till Wöhler

Neue Architektur –Sakralbauten

German, English
17.5 x 21 cm
222 pages
247 pictures
ISBN 978-3-935455-75-6

€ 9,95  Out of print
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The volume presents sacral structures built in Germany, Austria and Switzerland between 1995 and 2005 for faith-based communities of different persuasions. For the first time is such a wide spectrum covered in one publication. Succinct explanatory texts from the architecture journalist Till Whöhler complement the multiple color illustrations, conveying a deeper understanding of the architecture. In light of the rising importance of non-Christian confessions in traditionally Christian countries, a documentation of current tendencies in sacral architecture is of special interest.  As it becomes apparent from the book, are cubature and inner space of Jewish and Christian architecture have undergone a substantial objectification. This development can have a sobering effect on the visitors’ spiritual experience or to the contrary, initiate a more refined perception of it. By comparison, the new Islamic, Hindu and Buddhist structures retain their traditional appearance and a self-contained style.

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