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Manuela Roth

Masterpieces: Library Architecture + Design - Updated and revised edition

Hardcover with dust jacket
23.5 x 23.5 cm
304 pages
479 pictures
ISBN 978-3-03768-174-9

€ 44,90  Out of print
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The age of multimedia constitutes a great challenge for libraries as they have to reinvent themselves to meet the constantly growing demands of digital applications. As a result, within the past decade, libraries have evolved from introverted hoards of knowledge to globally networked information and communication hubs. The architectural implementation of this transformation process has resulted in sophisticated buildings that succeed in combining impressive architecture with the complex contemporary requirements.

The new edition of Masterpieces: Library Architecture + Design shows that this process of transformation is far from over. Whether new building, conversion or extension, it presents new masterpieces of library design from around the world. The successful combination of contemporary architecture and cutting-edge technology is evidence that in the digital age, this type of building is as topical as never before.

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