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Chris van Uffelen


Conversions and Extensions of Homes and Residential Spaces
24 x 28
456 pages
940 pictures
ISBN 978-3-03768-234-0

€ 68,00
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Turning old into new: The conversion and extension of residential spaces, usually because their functionality and esthetics are no longer in line with contemporary demands, offers an inexhaustible source of creative opportunities. Around 100 carefully selected building makeovers from around the world provide an insight into the wide scope of modernization and remodeling projects. The solutions are as diverse as the wishes of the residents.

Some consist of only a few square meters within the existing building, while others exceed the size of the previously existing living space. Sometimes the interventions are rather understated, while others are very preeminent. Whether an elaborate multi-floor annex, rustic merged spaces or minimalist rooftop – creating new spaces incorporating the old always aims at developing unique concepts, making it one of the most exciting forms of expression for architectural creativity.

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