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Chris van Uffelen

Contemporary Museums - Architecture History Collections

Hardcover with dust jacket
25 x 29 cm
512 pages
1270 colored pictures
ISBN 978-3-03768-067-4

€ 49,90
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The Guggenheim Museum designed by Frank O. Gehry was the magnificent catalyst of a building boom at the end of the last millennium. Since that time, the architecture itself, whether new buildings, renovations or reconstructions, significantly contributes to the attractiveness of a museum and its surroundings. This title presents more than 170 museums, constituting a cross-section of the possibly most interesting and diverse building assignments of our time - whether elegant, daring, or experimental, depending on the institution and the area of specialization.
In addition, the volume also presents the history of the collections, explains the origins of the collection base and highlights key exhibits. The background of each museum is presented along with educational or conservation goals. The book present the most diverse museum types - from company and corporate museums, via technology and natural science museums, up to literature and history museums, and, of course, a multitude of art museums.

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