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Chris van Uffelen


Pure. Strong. Surprising.
25 x 29 cm
352 pages
766 pictures
ISBN 978-3-03768-189-3

€ 59,95
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  • Cidade das Artes in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Christian de Portzamparc)
  • Sancaklar Mosque in Instanbul, Turkey (Emre Arolat Architects)
  • Mondeal Retail Park in Ahmedabad, India (Blocher Blocher India)
  • Marco Polo Tower in Hamburg, Germany (Behnisch Architekten)
  • M4 Fövam Tér - Underground Stattion in Budapest, Hungary (sporaarchitects, Palatium Stúdio)

Expressive-opulent at times and minimalist-clear at others – concrete is always new, exciting, and startling. Whether visible or invisible, delicate or powerful, the constantly evolving technological developments and especially sophisticated new materials allow phenomenal innovative designs with the highest possible artistic quality. This volume sheds light on all the different faces of concrete, presenting an overview of the great variety of outstanding contemporary projects. It highlights the extensive scope of design possibilities as well as the immense potential incorporated in this unique building material.

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