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Dirk Meyhöfer

Concrete Creations

Contemporary Buildings and Interiors
23.5 x 23.5 cm
256 pages
410 pictures
ISBN 978-3-938780-32-9

€ 39,90  Out of print
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Contemporary architecture is reinterpreting concrete, demonstrating impressively the almost unlimited array of potential applications of this material. Especially combined with other components its remarkable versatility becomes apparent; thanks to its unique capacity to be moulded it achieves a level of flexibility that surpasses most other constructions materials. The latest generation of buildings shows more than ever before just what concrete is capable of. In this book, it is shown that the popular material has more to offer than it is usually assumed.

Concrete Creations presents a selection of projects from around the globe that are presented by means of extensive photographic and planning images.

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