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Markus Sebastian Braun
Chris van Uffelen

Atlas of World Architecture

Hardcover with dust jacket
24 x 33 cm
512 pages
2.300 colored pictures
ISBN 978-3-03768-127-5

€ 78,00  Out of print
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The spirit of an era is reflected by its architecture. The worldwide turbulences of the past years have led to a correspondingly unparalleled diversity of buildings. This compendium presents an international exhibition of contemporary architecture against a backdrop of global trends, local traditions, functional demands, economical constraints and individual styles.

The selection includes stunning designs from the most sought-after architects and talented up-and-coming companies, demonstrating new interpretations of forms to suit anticipated future demands. The Atlas of World Architecture sets a benchmark for buildings of all typologies from the past five years that have earned their place in architectural history.

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