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Chamber of Architects Berlin (Ed.)

Architektur Berlin, Bd. 13 | Building Berlin, Vol. 13

Baukultur in und aus der Hauptstadt | The latest architecture in and out of the capital
German, English
21 x 27
184 pages
370 pictures
ISBN 978-3-03768-299-9

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Berlin is leading the way: 60 projects demonstrate how the new paradigm of conversion is a real turning point, rather than a short-lived trend. Examples include an apartment conversion that allows a family to remain in their home, triple-star cuisine in exceptional surroundings, smart updates for old schools, transformations, repair measures and all manner of add-ons, as well as a roadmap for the climate transition of an entire city: conceived in Berlin for places all around the world.
This volume is a call for a diverse, multi-layered, socially orientated and therefore sustainable planning culture that involves and includes everyone. Eight essays discuss various phenomena: whether women live differently, the story behind Berlin’s pink piping, how dinosaurs change a location, what the architectural world is fighting for by the River Spree, where Berliners sit down, and how the city will affect even remote rural areas.

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