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Chamber of Architects Berlin (Ed.)


Baukultur in und aus der Hauptstadt
21.4 x 28 cm
192 pages
383 pictures
ISBN 978-3-03768-060-5

€ 12,95
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The 2010 Berlin Chamber of Architects yearbook showcases 69 current architectural and municipal planning, landscape and interior design projects - an inventory of contemporary architecture in all its shadings. This key volume is augmented by a chronicle of what was important in architecture in 2009.
What is and will become important is explored in essays by renowned critics. Projects like the Neue Museum, the ICC or the new documentation center "Topography of Terror" occupy center stage, while whole districts, from the urbanely laid-back university district to the Brunnen district, which is being promoted as the next trend address, are also examined. All texts reflect interest in how the architecture impacts the city, and how the city encounters, leaves its mark on and changes the architecture.

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